How to get bitcoin?

The easiest option to get a cue ball is exchangers. There are many variations of the exchange from somewhere to Bitcoin and vice versa. For example, with your bank card. The main thing is to use trusted exchangers! I can advise one of them – Best change. In Best change, I find the best rate for my system, look at the number of reviews (the main thing for me is that they won’t throw it), and if there is enough resource for my exchange scale from the opposite side, I exchange it.

In addition to this site, there are many others where you can exchange your regular currency for digital. But always use proven sites with a good history!

Similarly, you can exchange cue ball in the other direction, i.e. to our map.

There are also many exchanges (E XMO (there is a mirror), Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, Coinbase ) where you can exchange crypto for fiat money and vice versa, but a little more complicated. But it is reliable and at a good rate. On some exchanges, there is even a prize pool or a glass of prices ( Bisq ) – a list of demand for particular crypto and a list of offers of exchange participants. Here, the organization acts as an intermediary between two users. In addition to complexity, exchanges have another drawback: they often require verification of your profile, and not everyone wants to get involved in this. The beauty of bitcoin is its anonymity! Well, it’s up to you.

Using the services of an exchanger or exchange, the most important criterion for us is, of course, the rate.

Where can I see the OFFICIAL CURRENT Bitcoin course?

You will not find the official Bitcoin exchange rate πŸ™‚ We recall what is written above: it is not regulated by anyone.

For example, you can see the exact exchange rate of the Russian ruble against the US dollar on the official website of the Central Bank of Russia, which will be fixed for a day. The Bitcoin exchange rate changes during the day and it is not set by the Central Bank or any other bank or organization. It is formed at the expense of supply and demand for this digital currency. Therefore, one cannot say the exact official current Bitcoin exchange rate for today. Only the average value. It is updated every second, as, for example, any other regular currency on Forex.

You can determine the average price by looking at several reliable sources. Usually, they are not very different. I use the free XE service.

In exchangers, the course is usually better than here, which is why I am constantly psychologically satisfied πŸ™‚ In general, I would recommend watching the course at several sources at once – exchanges, exchangers or sites – in order to have a more accurate picture of it. The course is desirable to look at the dollar.

Remember that bitcoin is an extremely volatile currency. During a sharp rise or fall, the rates on all exchangers do not always have time to be updated on time. Exchangers can protect themselves by conducting your transaction at the rate worse than it is at the moment. So in this case, the main thing is to apply for an exchange: fix the exchange rate and make an exchange according to the time limits of the exchanger itself (do not reap the commission in this case!). You can even record a course somewhere or take a screen so that in a future dispute with an exchanger you can always refer to something. Usually verified exchangers meet honest customers if they are not talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars.