How to use Electrum

Initially open three tabs:

  1. History – a list of all PTS transactions (initially empty).
  2. Send – tab for sending cues.

In “Pay to” we indicate the address of the payment destination. ”Description” – a note for the transfer only in our wallet (it will be visible in History). “Amount” – the number of PTS for transfer (while mBTC), “Fee” – transfer fee. The more to the right, i.e. the more we pay the commission, the faster the transfer will go. The average commission suits me quite well in terms of price/speed ratio.

  1. Receive – here it gives out our PTS-address for transfer to us. The “Description” function is the same as in the second paragraph, “Amount” – a request for the BTC amount (in our case, so far milli-bitcoins), “Request expires” is selected depending on our preferences.

I recommend that you open “Addresses” and “Console” in the “View” tab. There are two types of addresses in Addresses: receiving and change. Receiving – addresses that will be issued in the receive tab, change – addresses to which change is received from the transfer. In principle, for the transfer to you in the case of ordinary household transactions, you can take the PTS addresses from here.

Set up Electrum:

If a green circle is on in the lower right corner, then everything is OK, there is a connection to the server and we can make transfers. If the circle is red, then try restarting the wallet, updating it, or setting up a connection to the server manually.

In “Tools” – “Preferences” in the “General” tab, you can choose the language that suits us, select the displays in a pure MTC (I recommend), mBTC (milli-bitcoins), satoshi (bitcoin-kopeks).

To generate more addresses (receiving) and correctly calculate the balance for them in the “Console” tab, we write:

For one new wallet type in electrum console:

wallet.create_new_address (False)

For 100 new wallets type in electrum-console:

for i in range (0, 100): wallet.create_new_address (False)

or just (effect after restart application) to correctly calculate the balance after generating new addresses: (‘gap_limit’, 100)

In “Wallet” you can check our seed.

Bitcoin addresses can be compared with bank accounts, only bitcoins are on them. Your PTS balance in the wallet is the sum of all bitcoins at your addresses. Crickets are sent/received by transferring the PTS from one address (account) to another. Access to operations at these addresses gives a signature.